Forum Titles (like Cattle Slave)

At the risk of revealing the deep well of skinner-box conditioning that drives my online activity, I am very interested to know what I have to do to remove the title “Cattle Slave” from next to my name. Is it an automated system based on participation?

I don’t actually know how the new forums work, but we imported the lifepath structure of titles from the old forums. In that scheme, as you post more, your title will change.

You should be able to edit your profile to change it (it’s the “title”) - I’ll go ahead and remove it for you, though.

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It looks like users can’t edit their own titles (at least at the Basic trust level) but that’s fine with me. Thanks for clearing it.

Huh, that’s not ideal. I’ll look into it some.

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Yeah, I was looking yesterday at changing/ditching my custom title and it’s not in the Profile settings. Maybe I haven’t hit a minimum number of posts or otherwise proved I’m good people. :slight_smile:

So it looks like only admins can set free form titles. I’ll see if I can come up with a low friction way to at least blank the title for folks in the short term.

OK, I’ve gone and given an “Old Burner” badge to all users that were imported. On your account settings, you should see the option to select that as your title. If you’d rather not have a title, you can set that back to “none” and it will be gone.

Please note: this will permanently delete your custom title, so if you like it, please do not select the badge one.


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