founders of MRCZ

(samwise) #1

As there is only 4 places on sheet I guess it’s limit.

Is there situations that player at the table have character not founder of current MRCZ?
Any way to become founder after creation of MRCZ?

(Luke Wheel) #2

By definition, you must found a MRCZ to be a founder.

And to limit abuse, there can only be four founders of a MRCZ.

If you want to be a founder after character generation, found a new MRCZ in play!

(samwise) #3

Correct me please, do I remember correctly that all players at table should be one MRCZ, so making new MRCZ is really making parallel gaming party?

(Luke Wheel) #4

Correct. At the start of the game you’re all part of the same MRCZ.