Four Elven Characters (at different levels)

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I do get uncomfortable self-promoting, but I exercise courage publishing my own content and sharing it.

I made a series of posts showcasing four elven characters and imagined builds at levels 1, 4, and 9. All links are below to look at the posts. The level builds have an attached character sheet.

I began with a preface to introduce the series and characters, posted concise descriptions of the build process and some character bio, and made a conclusion for the series.

There is no pay-wall for any of this content. This is available for followers and supporters freely. I just want to share my creative work from this endeavor with the community.

Preface (link)

These four elven characters are from different games in which I am or have been a player, so I am converting three into Torchbearer. This endeavor was a spontaneous project while I had extra time during the lockdown and a little bit of spare cash to spend on artists to commission portraits of the characters.

Aelar Elleid - the fire sorceress

level 1 | level 4 | level 9

Aelar comes from nobility with some resentment and a desire to master fire magic. In other systems, this might go over quite easily, but Torchbearer proved it was difficult to develop an elementalist. I used opportunities to expand her repertoire for additional magical capacity and adjusted my sense of the flavor text describing the spell casting and outcome. She is not a balanced presentation of Elf Ranger.

Indus Monette - the illusionist

level 1 | level 4 | level 9

Indus comes from a remote village with an innocent wanderlust and a gift for illusion and charm magic. In Torchbearer, this was easy to support at multiple levels while engaging in wilderness chores as a balance against the magical interest. I used level benefits with Indus to develop the balanced duality of Elf Ranger.

Nimbal Grosponte - the mage-knight

level 1 | level 4 | level 9

Nimbal comes from a warrior heritage with disciplined training and a desire for renown. In Torchbearer, it proved easy to give him talent for combat magic, martial prowess, and additional facets of adventuring support. He is a balanced magister and warrior which fits the duality of Elf Ranger.

Gabrielle Michelle - the warrior-sorceress

level 1 | level 4 | level 9

This elven character comes from a remote homestead within Elflands and intends to live adventurously until finding a suitable future role in society whether among men and halflings or among elves. As an original Torchbearer character, I have been bumping against constraints of character creation and Stock and Class design. But, she does have a blend of magical capacity, warrior spirit and wilderness guide. My intent is to create a support character for the adventuring party, and I feel she stands up well under that mantle.

Conclusion (link)

I hope everyone enjoys the series and finds something to discuss from my renderings of these four elven characters. I think there is a gem of insight for any player or game master. I enjoyed the project and will attempt again in the future before Torchbearer 2nd edition is released.


I’ll repost my comment here: fire-wise would be a good wise for Aelar, her Instinct is great.

Ah, so true. I missed having a wise to further enrich her fire-mage theme. I used the street living based on her friend being a member of a street-performing circus.

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