Foxes and wolves, running wild in the territoriers - all the players fault!


i just finished this weeks session of Mouse Guard - wow was it amazing!

After puring a large portion of the Scent Border the group found a wounded young wolf that was hurt by a weasel glassbomb (they don’t know that).
After a short discussion Josephine the patrol leader managed to calm him down enough so that they could examine his wounds. The test to heal him was successfull and they found themselves in the players turn with a now calm wolf.
Of course Josephine (the players long-term-goal is to capture a fox and train it as a mount) decided to train the wolf and ride him to lockhaven for further training. An epic conflict started and Josephines player put everything she had into the disposition roll so we started with
W: 12
P: 14 !

only Stuart has Loremouse and Henry has Hunter. Josi is still trying to learn Loremouse.
The goals where:

P: Tame the beast and get him to lockhaven for further training
W: Get away from the mice fast

I hit them hard, attacking twice each turn since all the compromises would be really interesting for the story. I won but they had to offer a big compromise. For a while we discussed having the wolf help them pur the rest of the border and then taking off with them into weasel territory but then decided that he will take them close to Lockhaven but then will get away.

The rest of the player turn wasn’t THAT exiting but Josephine tested fox-wise to declare that some foxes made their way past the scent border into mice country.

Now this is the situation. The patrol will arrive in Lockhaven next session. There is a wolf and some foxes running amok in the territories and close to Lockhaven (since the final pathfinder was failed).

What is the next mission? Deal with the mess you created?
Oh i forgot, they made their weather watcher and there will be a Summer-Storm comming next week.

Maybe getting to Ivydale, helping them against the storm and then dealing with the animals? I could invoke a friend and an enemy there…

Not sure about obstacles and what to do with such huge animal threats. Maybe i should just overwhelm them. Maybe a 4 way conflict… (mice against weather against foxes against wolf). Should there be a war? How does Gwendolyn react to such dangerous actions by a Patrol Leader?
I am not sure what should happen…

Here is the patrol:

Josephine patrol leader and combat monster (player rolls really well normally)
B: The best way to deal with a situation is to charge right into it!
I: Allways draw my halbert when there is trouble

Stuart freshly recruited Guardmouse, Scientist and Scholar of animals, decent in a fight
B: will probarly change to something relating to dealing with large threats with SCIENCE!
I: Smell everything new!

Henry, a lockhaven Guardmouse that beliefs strongly into the guard but his struggles made him hard and not carring (he changed compassionate to aggresive because of 0 nature)
B: Better save then sorry
I: Allways help those that ask for it

Henrys enemy, the love of his youth (it didn’t work out) is in Ivydale as might Harvey a smith for the guard.
Josephines enemy or friend can also be close to Lockhaven and the threat.

It was an amazing session but i am not sure on what to do next…
Please help me


I think you’re doing fine. Let it percolate a little. Pick one hazard to start with. Use another as a possible twist. Then a second hazard. Throw in some simple tests. Go.

This is what i came up with now:

A new player is joining us so he will pick the group up before Lockhaven and go with them to Ivydale. The Lockhaven weather watchers see a big thunderstorm coming and Gwendolyn sends out the mice she has to help them against the flooding of the Corn.

We start out with a simple Pathfinder test 2 to Ivydale
Twist: The storm starts and a normaly shallow river turns rapid. Health 4 or Boatcrafter/Survivalist Test to get to the other side
Twist: You can’t make it and the water drags you along until you can grap on to something. Next to this something stands a fox. Fight animal Conflict
the foxes goal: Play with the mice and their shiny things (will injure and tire them as well as take something away)

The situation is dire and the mice are arguing about what to do. There is little time left.
A group led by Chloe (the Enemy of Henry) want’s to save the corn. There is a choking point that can be barricaded but this will lead to the destruction of a lot of buildings. Another group led by the friend of our new mouse want’s to save the town. He is a brewer and dependend on this.
Orator Test vs Will4+Hard Worker trait to motivate the mice to do something.

If they choose to save the corn it is a Conflict against summer, otherwise they just roll laborer and can save the buildings.
Summers goal is : destroy all the corn.
Should they fail the simple laborer then a wharehouse will catch fire from lightning and one of them has to get in there to save valuable grain and the old mouse in charge of the goods. Failure will result in Sickness. It’s a health 4 test.

Players turn

Not so happy with it but this is what i came up with after 22 minutes of planning. It doesn’t feel dramatic and dire enough to me…

I would handle this as a complex hazard. The mice have to link up to get everyone out. Use a series of health tests and apply conditions on failure, until the final roll. Bring in the Wolf on a Twist on that final test. It’s going to be a difficult test because that last mouse is also hoisting the others. Probably a good time to tap Nature, Fate and bring in a Trait. Failure, they clamber out dripping wet but a Wolf has been trailing them down the river and is waiting with slavering jaws.