I’ve been playing BW for a while but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the Fate / Persona / Deed circles beside the Beliefs and Instincts are for.

What am I being stupid about?

They let you keep track of whether you have used artha in pursuit of those beliefs/instincts… this is important when it comes to trait votes (opening up the possibility of Call-On and Die Traits being awarded)!

It is also used to figure out Epiphanies.

He was asking about artha being tracked against beliefs and instincts, which doesn’t affect epiphanies - it’s the artha tracked on skills/stats/attributes that can produce epiphanies.

As Jon noted, it’s about trait votes. It’s touched on very briefly under Evolving Beliefs and Instincts on page 59 of Burning Wheel Gold. When you spend a type of Artha in pursuit of a Belief or an Instinct, you fill in the corresponding bubble. That way, when it comes down to a trait vote, you know what kind of Artha you’ve spent on your Beliefs and Instincts.

When I’m done with a Belief, I record it in my notes along with what type of Artha I’ve spent in its pursuit so I can pull it out during the trait vote.

Ah, got it! Thanks, gents.