Fra Mauro (human cleric)

Fra Mauro

Fra Mauro’s goals are still lofty. Let’s see how long that lasts. This is a take on .

Nature: Human (Thoughtful, Demanding, Running) 3
Age: 20
Class: Cleric, Disciple
Home: Religious Bastion
Alignment: Law

Belief: The darkness needs to be pushed back, with the Lords at my back I will map and thus pave the way.
Instict: Always map before leaving a place
Goal: TBD

Raiment: Mottled robes over leather armor, cinched with simple thing string to be less billowy and more practical. A simple wooden cross on a necklace around his neck. A wine skin with holy water on his simple rope belt. A round wooden shield, with the four holy symbols of the order on 4 metal leaves (think something like

Health: 3
Will: 5

Ritualist 4
Theologian 3
Scholar 2
Fighter 2
Healer 2
Pathfinder 3
Cartographer (underlined) 3
Persuader 2

Wise: Terrain-wise (Geography-wise?)

Touched by the Gods 1, Defender 2

Spells: Fury of the Lords of Life and Death

Circles: 4
Friend: Emiliano, the Scholar
Parents: The abbott and abbess, Theologians (forbidden, he was laid as a foundling by them at the monastery, I am not sure if he knows this yet)
Mentor: Niccolo da Conti, explorer and Cartographer

Weapons: Heavy walking staff (treat as mace) Hand/Carried 1

Armor: Leather armor and shield

Other gear: TBD, but the usual adventuring stuff + of course holy symbol and holy water

What is Thoughtful? Humans are not thoughtful by nature.

It’s what you get for answering a question. Did i need to be more specific or misread something (i am without pdf)?

Luke, i think i see where i went off the rails. I put Thoughful as nature, instead of home trait. My bad.

Now, mauro wants to be a cartographer. But mapping materials are not currently on the gear list. Sould i assume they take up 1 slot, or is that too harsh?

If you have the skill, you have the tools. They don’t take up a formal inventory slot but you can lose them as the result of a twist. Trust me, I know from recent experience.

Good, cause i think i better pack some more rations. We dont have a halfling. Err. Cook. But i dont have a rope either yet.

How many torches is the “torches” that takes up 1 slot? I presume 1, which means space hardship (which is the point, i know)