French character sheet

Hi guys ! After a couple of years i’ve finally decided to get my head around the Burning Wheel and just received the impressive bible that is the Gold edition.
Since i’ll be playing with French players here in Paris, I’ve started working on a version in said language, that I’d be happy to share for peer review and improvement.

Is there a way to upload the file on this forum ?
Cheers !

Edit : I put the sheets as jpg in the post so you can have first look at it
Note that it’s mainly for a all-human Harn campaign so all the stats for dwarves, orcs and elves are left out


I think you can just attach it to your post.


Hi there, fellow French GM.

I would have translated “deeds” as “hauts faits” or “prouesses”, but otherwise its a pretty handy sheet, I will offer my players to switch to it if they want to :slight_smile:

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Bien vu, I’ll make the changes for “prouesses”. Drop me a note if you want the files with a better resolution :wink:

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