From newbie: Vaylen LPs, stock qs


I wonder if this has already been answered…
I’m a bit confused about some Vaylen LPs requirements stating that “any Human lifepath” should be required. What does this mean:
a) than that Vaylen could “jump” to a Human stock LP (see pg. 188 under the “Commander”, “Captain” reqs), or
b) does it mean “only Vaylen Human Caste LPs”?


B) lifepaths from the Human setting in the Vaylen chapter.

Hi again!

Thanks! I thought so.
So, what if I, as a GM, want to bring a “recently hulled” human at the start of the campaign? Should I create a human & hull him/her ASAP in game?

In other words - any chance of creating a “Human Stock LP Vaylen” before play begins?


Yes and I don’t understand the second question.


Basically, repeating & hopefully clarifying the query, overall (actually muddying it! LOL).


The Hulled NPC still needs the vaylen generated, and adds little to the vaylen anyway (besides stats) and (unless in the prime of life) is going to be worse than the default “Human Body”…

If I really wanted an archcotare (for example) who was hulled I’d burn up an archcotare who was antagonistic to the player characters, teach them to hate him, have him fall into a conspiracy with the Vaylen unwittingly, then end up hulled as the sequel to Infiltration or early in Usurpation.

If I wanted a Vaylen sleeper who had infiltrated to a high level I’d build a Vaylen from the ground up and move them into the Vaylen Setting, aiming for the higher LPs there.

In our current game I’ve done both of these, and it seems to work okay.