Funds - am I reading this right?

My character has B5 resources. Lets say a lot of that came from friends he knows from his days in the city guard and he has a nice villa near by.

I decide I want a boost to my resource rolls, so I make a fund. I figure I can afford to risk an Ob 3 roll, which would amount to a 2D fund. I roll and am victorious. I decide my Character isn’t really spending time at his villa these days, and rents it out to a local young noble, looking to press out on his own for a bit.

From now on, I can add two extra dice to my resource rolls?
If I am taxed while drawing on my Fund, the fund dice go first?

Does this mean I am rolling to make a risky ob 7 life style maintenance check, I pick up my 5 dice, plus 2 for my fund. I fail. I get two tax dice. They instantly eat up my fund, my my core resources are untouched?
What if I only got one dice of tax on a larger than one dice fund? Would my fund be completely destroyed still? or just reduced?

There is a good chance that I’ve completely misread these rules. Regardless if someone could get me a rudder and have me sailing straight? That would be fantastic.

The fund is just reduced by the amount of tax, and I think Ob 3 nets a 1D fund, but otherwise that looks right.

Ah! Double Ob plus one. My fault for trying to absorb rules around 2am.

But that is pretty cool. Thanks for the answer Stormsweeper.

Yeah, funds are pretty awesome. Even better when you can get someone else to provide you with one :smiley:

So wait - funds are transferable.

Like a PC can create a fund for another PC?

Yeah, check out loans on p375. Cash & Funds can be given as loans, with or without interest. I managed to basically blackmail an NPC recently and got a 2D fund out of it.