Further Fight Action Variants?

My player character in a 1 on 1 bw game is trying to invent a new style of martial arts. In the setting, there are already two types of martial arts, and we’ve talked about adding the variant actions counter-lock and counter-disarm, but I was thinking about making a new technique. The new style is based (loosely) on judo, so I was thinking of adding counter-throw to the game. Are there any unforseen consequences, or reasons this might be broken? And how should inventing a new action work mechanically? Should it be a research test? Something else?

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We’ve tested a counter-throw for grappling-style martial arts. It should work fine.

As for attaching them to characters…BW doesn’t do a great job here. We usually start new skills/arts. Players have to make Ob X tests to learn new maneuvers. The test requires a certain amount of time (days, weeks, months depending). Some maneuvers even require multiple tests — though this breaks the core conceit of Let It Ride.

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