Galactic Map

New to the forum so please excuse the n00b questions. Is there a full size galactic map somewhere? I know part of the game is the world burner, but surely there would be a map with a few of the main planets.


There’s a map or two showing the boundaries of the empires. Otherwise, the only worlds we care about are the ones where stories happen. In the comics there are maps showing where Hotok and Taramai are. Feel free to pick a spot on a map for your world as part of world burning. If you also want to say that X is the capital of the Dunedin worlds, and it’s located here, go for it.

Ok I understand that. But I would at least like a larger version that shows the boundries of the empires. Does anyone have one of those?


It’s in the book (both hardcopy and PDF version) and in both graphic novels (Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War). If you’re interested enough in the setting to care about a map, it’s worth buying at least one of these for more than just the map!

OK I have both the books on order so that is good. I was just hoping someone took the map and maybe enlarged it. Not a biggie I guess. I can’t wait to try my first session, this game looks awesome.


The map really isn’t relevant, I promise. Don’t sweat it.

Hey Trevor,

Send me an email and I’ll fire over a larger version of the map. That offer goes to anyone else, of course. I’m a big map fan, so I understand the desire to have a map to stir up the imagination, regardless of its impact on the game


I hear you about relevant, but man, it would be a cool thing to pin on the gaming room wall. Just like my old Traveller map. fond memories

Man…I LOVED the big black Traveller map that came with the big black box. Spinward Marches, baby!


I’ve still got mine, dry mounted to illustration board. A lot of dreaming tucked into that dusty piece of paper…

Is this offer still good… or do we have to already know your email address to ask?

FWIW my copies of the graphic novels are “probably in next week” at my Friendly Local Comics Store (Impact Comics); but this is Australia who so knows how long it will take if the local distributor is all out.

still waiting for mine…boo hoo hoo!