[Game Aids] Wound cards & Fight cheat sheet

Wound cards

I made some wound cards that detail treatment, recovery and bleeding. The idea being that you need not look anything up in the book once you’ve received a wound - everything you need to know is right on the card, from the wound penalty to the various obstacles for treatment with the medicinal skills. To print them, use ‘multiple pages per sheet’ and set it to 3x2, so all the cards come out on one sheet of paper. Once printed, I recommend putting them in a plastic trading card sleeve (such as those made for Magic the Gathering). The dimensions are correct, so there’s no need to resize or crop them for fitting in these sleeves.

Fight cheat sheet

This is a cheat sheet that details almost all the actions a combatant can take in Fight. It’s kind of busy to look at, and probably not for everyone, but I made it because I found it cumbersome for new players to constantly look up what each action did in combat. I tried to detail all the intricacies of each maneuver, such as the bonus to Beat from using a two-handed weapon, to how the Block action can hinder your opponent. It’s designed to replace half the official Fight sheet, with the scripting sheet being printed on the back of this cheat sheet.

Comments and critique are welcome.

Very nice, I must say!

Do you think it would be possible for you to make a wound variant that uses the same format as the Fight! sheet? Although I do see the appeal in handing wound cards to players as they are injured, I just think I’ll run out of cards sometimes… :slight_smile: Also, that sheet might be very useful for me personally, as a GM, for quick reference.

I can download these but can’t read them then on my mac. Any idea why? I can see them when i open then in crome here but not on the desktop

Very cool, love it. The wound cards are great!

Might be worth mentioning that Midi and worse wounds require treatment before you can recover.

(On the subject of mortal wounds, I assume that an unspecified-in-the-rules difference between treating a formerly-Mortal-but-now-Severe wound is that you don’t gain any dice back from successful treatment, nor do the dice return gradually. I imagine that you’re at -3D the whole time.)

Thank you all for the comments!

Storapan: If I get the time I might make a single sheet with all the rules on injuries. I’ve already made such cheat sheets for Resources, Circles, Sorcery, Steel, Mounts and advancement, so I suppose one more couldn’t hurt. Until then, you could make do by simply printing all 6 wound cards on a single page, and just avoid cutting them out.

Praion: That sounds very strange! It’s just a PDF, so I have no idea why you can’t read it on a mac. Is anyone else having this problem? If you want, I can email the files to you, but I doubt whether that would make a big difference. Maybe Dropbox is doing some strange things to my files - the first time I downloaded the cheat sheet it said the file was corrupted, but I haven’t been getting this message since.

Michael: I wrote in the Recovery paragraph of Midi/Severe/Traumatic wounds that one “must receive successful treatment first”. Maybe you couldn’t find it because you were looking under Treatment?

As for Mortal wounds and the injury penalty, I agree with your take on a ‘persistent’ penalty - otherwise it would seem strange that one would slowly recover from a Traumatic wound until there’s no penalty, only to suddenly be saddled with a fresh -3D penalty from the Severe stage once it was fully healed. I ended up noting that the “wound penalty persists until fully recovered from one wound to the next” at the bottom of the Recovery paragraph on the Mortal wound card. I’m open for suggestions on how to rephrase this if anyone has ideas for how to make this clearer, but space is tight.

I had trouble in Preview on my mac, too. But they look fine in Acrobat.

I’ve made a revision of the wound cards:

Wound Cards [New]

I noticed that while the basic idea worked well enough, the idea of tracking the wound penalty on the cards fell short when the wound began to heal and the penalty was gradually reduced. I therefore tried to improve upon this technology by making a separate card for each stage of the wound recovery (obviously, superficial and light wounds are not affected). The idea is that by using the aforementioned trading card sleeve, you simply put all wound cards for a given type of wound in the sleeve, and the topmost card lists the current stage of the wound along with the current penalty.

For example, a Midi wound would have two cards in the sleeve, with the topmost initially being the original card (with the fresh -2D penalty). Once the wound has been treated, you simply swap the two cards so the one showing -1D is now on top of the initial one.

In addition, I decided to make a ‘Wound details’ card. This is very much optional, but by using it there is no need to write anything on the character sheet related to wounds anymore: everything you need to know is right on the card, from the current stage and penalty, to the recovery time and location of the wound. This card is placed at the back of sleeve, facing downwards. Thus, you simply flip the card over to write or see the details of the wound: the location, recovery time and perhaps specific circumstances of this injury. As it is the only card being disposable, I made it in black & white to be printed in greater quantities.

EDIT: I also updated the Mortal wound card, to emphasize the ‘persistent’ penalty as Michael pointed out.

Very nice.

So… in terms of tracking wounds as they heal, it would be neat to have one-time cards that you could mark up with points from stat loss. Failed treatment and recovery tests can both cause permanent stat loss, but it’s handled as stat-specific penalties that never recover. In Burning Airships, for example, Derelion took a midi wound. Culhir failed treatment, leading to a permanent Forte penalty. After eventually getting successful treatment, I failed recovery, dinging my Power.

These lost stats, however, aren’t over and above the remaining blanket -1D from the injury, they’re ‘under water’. Only in 12 weeks’ time will the permanent stat loss become apparent. (Though I do believe that the tests for advancement are wiped out at the time the penalty is accrued, not when it’s visible.)

Laminated card, dry erase marker. That’s my theory.

No one ever uses the free card-sized laminator bits… so I might be able to mooch some.

This seems like a great idea.

So nice.

I think they should go to the wiki, so someone can access them tomorrow.

You have a point, although I’m not entirely sure if I get what you mean. As you note, the stat loss is ‘subsumed’ under the wound penalty, and only apparent when the wound is fully healed (or almost fully healed, in some fringe cases). Thus, I find that the at-a-glance notification of the wound penalty covers stat loss as well. If what you’re talking about is a way to just note that there has been a stat loss in conjunction with the wound, I suggest writing it on the back of the card, under the ‘Circumstances of injury’ section.

Or have I misunderstood your proposal?

Great aids. Thank you for putting them together.