Game format. Mouse-Epic

I apologize in advance for:

  1. My English is not very good, I can not very clearly Express my thoughts because of this;
  2. From the fact that my English is not very good - I find it difficult to use the search. If I ask questions that have already been discussed, please just give me a link.

Hello! I’ll start. I think one of the participants of the forum knows or maybe even participated in this format of the game of D&D - D&D-Epic.
If who does not know, briefly it looks like this:

  1. Creates a global goal - say to seize the castle.
  2. This goal is divided into smaller:
    • to infiltrate the watchtower using the secret passage
      ** to arrange a diversion at the small gate
      *** to create a diversion in the castle
      **** to get drawings of the gates and towers . For each task is responsible for one squad of adventurers.
  3. games are held in parallel. some games directly or indirectly affect others.
  4. after the end of all games, the result is summed up - whether the goal is achieved or not. It’s a very crude description, but I hope the gist is clear.

Tell me, were any such things for Mouse guards? I would participate in such an event or even take up its organization. To do this, you need to write a multi-level script and a dozen adventures. but it does not seem to me a very difficult task.

If I understand correctly your asking for something similar to a large scale campaign or saga for mouse guard… I don’t know of any kind of module or epic that has already been created.

I’m trying to work on something myself but would also love to have something already created to draw from.

I hope I understood what you were trying to say. If you do find anything or if anyone else knows of something I’d love to see it too.

I started working on such a module. yet count on game six of the groups, but if the format will go I hope there will be more. :slight_smile:
thank you very much for your reply. :slight_smile:

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