Garotte as Lock?

I just wanted to make sure I was interpreting this correctly: the Garotte skill works as a Lock with some additional requirements and benefits (must surprise the target or have a Lock; cause Forte damage), correct?

In other words, do Garotte successes count as a Lock for the purpose of reducing a target’s effective dice, as well as doing Forte damage over time?

Yes, as far as I can tell garotte counts as a lock and reduces the target’s dice just as a normal lock would. In addition to the loss of dice a target who is in a 2D or greater lock with the garotte around their neck will start to lose forte dice every couple of exchanges.

I could be wrong though, additional input from people with more rules knowledge than me would be appreciated.


In previous versions garotte definitely counted as a lock and reduced the target’s dice just like a normal lock would in addition to reducing the target’s forte every two exchanges provided a 2D or greater lock was established around their throat.

I do not have a copy of the codex yet so if garotte has been reprinted in the codex I cannot comment on that version at this time.

Hopefully that is helpful, additional input from people with more rules knowledge and access to the codex if it has been reprinted would be much appreciated.


Yes, it seems that is the case. It also notes that once you Lock them completely, the victim goes unconscious.

I don’t have the Codex with me, but I believe that’s been updated to do Forte damage every Exchange now.

I like that you can use your skill instead of Power for Locks in the right situation. That raises a wuestion: since you’re using the Garotte skill instead of Power, does your opponent have to face the skill vs. stat penalty?