Gas-giant habitats

I thought about trying out the World Burner, just to get the feel of it. It would be cool to whip up a gas-giant habitat, perhaps a He3 mining facility. There is however no “Gaseous” category under Hydrology. Should I use one of the two available or does anyone have a suggestion of the values of a gaseous planet?

Yay, the first gas giant question! You know why there’s no “gaseous” hydrology? Because you can’t live on a gas giant at all! Ever! At least Vaylen and Humans can’t.

You can, however, design an orbiting station pretty easily. Predominantly land, artificial environments, broad range of conditions, Military Dictatorship, etc…


Hi Luke, yes I’m aware that you can’t live on the planet, :wink: but you can at least have a habitat inside the upper atmosphere. But if I understand you correctly you say that I should skip the Hydrology step altogether? I guess the atmospheric conditions could either have an alien life-support or none whatsoever.

I remember a nice sci-fi story in which a gaseous planet had a well defined line between heavy gases and lighter gases. Mankind lived in spaceship like platforms and ships that floated on the heavier gas and were sail driven by the winds.

Yes. In this case, the gas giant is just a backdrop. The real “world” is the station.

Your hydrology would be: Predominantly Land for human style habitats.

Or Predominantly Liquid if the habitat was for dolphins or some other aquatic intelligent lifeform.


During my job hunt I’ve come across all sorts of awesome random information*, including stuff on off shore oil rigs. I so want to run or play in a BE game that’s like that. Some space station around a valuable planet, set among dangerous conditions, and with people just crammed in too tight. It could so be orbiting—or just barely in the atmosphere of—a gas-giant.

*I’m still trying to work out how to make the MLM crap “opportunity” pitch I went to last night into gaming gold.

It’s perfect for, what, a Go to Ground? Bureaucracy, FoRKing MLM-wise, setting you up after a few Eugenics rolls for an Amway/Cutco joint Inundate.

“The more Vaylen you recruit the more bodies you get after the invasion is successful!”

“Come on Doug, it’s an exclusive business opportunity, we’re helping families to become debt free and financially independent! There’s no catch! After the minor surgery to enhance your cognitive capacities you’ll be crunching numbers like a pro.”

Okay. I’m seeing it now.

Prevayl, the way to a new and undreamed of future.

Prevayl, the way to a new and undreamed of future.

Ha ha! That made me laugh.

Also reminds me of that Sean Connery movie, Outland, which was set on a mining station on a moon of Jupiter. Besides the setting, it was basically a western.

Awesome. By the way, I am so annoyed that my copies of the graphic novels are in New York, taunting me from afar. This is what I get for not bringing all of my stuff up here in one giant load. Stupid ten hour drive.

Yeah. Westerns are a real good model for what I’m thinking about. Especially if you’ve got Kerrn and Mukhadish crammed in there. Whole lot of racial stuff that you can model off the various injustices and awfulness in history.

I’d really like to shake it out with a group. I’ve got my vision of how this thing runs. A merchant league chartered thing, run purely for profit, ex-anvil and home grown (maybe literally) security forces patrolling. There’s not so much quarantine and restriction as brutal scarcity. The worm may already be there, in ruined sections of the station given over to the quasi-life that’s developed there. However, I know there’s awesomeness that’s missing and can be provided by proper World Burning.