Gathering and Making Torches

My players debated gathering up wood and cutting it to make torches; they eventually decided not to do so, which was a relief for me, because I was torn between three different skills!

Carpenter, since one is working with wood?- probably ob 1, plus +1 evil GM factor for previous night’s rain.
Laborer, since it mentions gathering wood?- again, probably ob 1, +1 evil GM factor.
Scavenger, since you’re trying to find stuff?- again, ob 1 for a good piece of wood, +1 evil GM factor.

What skill would you call for? I’d probably let success find one bundle of torches, and let the player call that they’re looking for extra bundles for +1 ob per bundle.

Scavenger with Carpenter y Laborer as help? I might even throw as help Survivalist up there.

About quantity? I’ll go something like Ob 1 one torch, Ob2 torches for the whole group, but depends on the situation (higher Ob if they are in a swamp, rainy forest… desert).

Stay cool :cool:

We usually go with Survivalist—emergency toolmaking, Ob 3.

Awesome, maybe the cleric of the group will finally stop complaining about the “uselessness” of her Survival skill.

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You could also point out that Survivalist can be used for a bonus to the camp events roll.

Interesting. We find Survivalist, Alchemist and Laborer to be the skills we never want to do without. The ability to find potable water alone is priceless.

The dwarf in the party has “Always look for sources of clear water” as an Instinct. They never went Hungry and Thirsty again.

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