Gear: Tortoise

Tortoise, Ob 3, or Hunting Ob 2 in the proper environment.
If you stick a candle on its back, the tortoise can be encouraged to wander into a room, providing limited hands free illumination. Barring accidents, the tortoise is reusable.
The tortoise gets hungry and eats rations like everyone else. If the tortoise is hungry, it won’t starve, but it won’t wander around with a candle on its back either. In a pinch, the tortoise can be turned into one unit of fresh rations.
pack 1

That’s fantastic! What inventory space do they take up? I bet they’ll need a check while in camp to recover from the abuse the clumsy dwarf will put them through.

Only a candle? If a tortoise in Burning Bad could carry a human head, I bet they could handle the weight of a lantern.

I thought I’d stick with the historical candle for now, but I suppose it could carry a lamp instead. =) The nice thing about a candle, though, is it’s self sticking!

I was thinking Pack 1, but you need to feed it. It’s a small tortoise.

Looking back at what I wrote – “Burning Bad”. Of course, I meant “Breaking Bad”, but I guess when I’m posting here, I’ve got burning on the brain.

Having an extra consumed ration seems like it’s a punishment on its own. I feel like it’s a bad idea to carry a tortoise in your pack with the rest of your gear. :wink: