Gen Con 2019/The Sword

Last year, Gen Con 2018, I wanted to try a demo of Burning Wheel but noticed there was not a single Burning Wheel event besides seminars. I ended up hosting Star Trek Adventures and playtested another game.

This year I want to host The Sword, maybe 5 sessions. For those of you that have ran The Sword, how long of a slot should I register for? Any suggestions? Is this even a good idea?

Sign me up. Alternatively, any BW/TB/MG folks want to meet up for some pickup games? I’m trying to build my familiarity but also just savor the opportunity to play some games I can’t in Louisville.

I haven’t played since the BWR days, but love the game. Torchbearer has been more my speed the last couple years as I’ve been playing online with some great folks.

Will BWHQ be there? I loved the panel with Thor, Luke, and Adam a few years ago last time I went to GenCon.

@_sellanraa I am not sure how Burning Wheel do s in convention play, but I am down. I was think of doing a Wednesday game at Union Station.

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Cool, I’d be potentially game. I’m going for the trade/educator day, so I may be busy with that depending on when you get it going, but we should definitely try to have some sort of thread here for organizing/mobilizing the community.

And the Westin cancelled my reservations today…

Hi folks, local person, here. Happy to play or host some BW games during the con, even if off event. I’m considering running through Games on Demand, even. Not sure if I’d run the sword or one-shot situations in my home groups universe.

Here to just say that getting hooked up with Games on Demand (contact them before Gen Con) is a GREAT way to run games at the convention.

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What is the difference between just submitting an event(which I have done before) and Games on Demand?

For Games on Demand, you sign up with that organazition and tell them what times you can run and what games you can run. It’s custom to offer two games or scenarios for your timeslots. Players who select your table (actually, the first one) select which game/scenario for that session. People use generic tickets for the games. They are not pre-scheduled in that way.

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