Gen Con 2021

Is anyone attending Gen Con next week? I know it’s all a bit dicey, but I’ll be there for just Thursday.
I should have copies of the Burning Wheel Anthology and the Torchbearer Scavenger’s Supplement with me. I could also bring a few Torchbearer sets with me if folks wanted.

I’m also doing two seminars:
Our annual State of the Wheel
and RPG Curriculum Design with Sam Roberts (it lists as sold out but come anyway).

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I won’t be going but had a friend who was going to go to your booth for copies. Is it safe to assume you won’t have a BWHQ booth if you’ll be there a day and, if so, how should my friend get copies from you if that’s possible?

I’m hit pretty hard by one of the economic disasters or two that have been going on, so I’ll not be there.

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@Gnosego Sorry man. That’s rough to hear.
@_sellanraa State of the Wheel seminar at 3 PM on Thursday is the best place to hit me up.


Good deal. I have no idea my buddy’s schedule, but given we’ve started a Miseries and Misfortunes game that he’s running, maybe I can persuade him to stop by - catch you beforehand - and then get some juicy nuggets on M&M since I won’t be able to attend as I generally have the last few years.

There is much Misery juice to be had.

Not going…but in town.

I’ll be in Indy from Tuesday. Would be down to meet up off premises.

Next time I’m up at GenCon, you should run a Torchbearer game for a little crew we get together. Turn the tables! :slight_smile:

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Hope everyone’s GenCon was safe and enjoyable!

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