GenCon 2019: Planning

Not sure what category this should go in, but since it involves asking BWHQ a question: Will there be any casual BW hangs? Seminars? Pick-up games? Official games?

Will you all even be going?

I went a few years ago under the guise of professional development as a teacher and demo’d some history games, but managed to sneak in your all’s seminar and it was super great. Hoping there will be some BW related things happening this year.

Maybe this thread could be a repository for making plans, discussing, for any fans headed to GenCon this summer.

Bumping this as I got planning today when I realized event registration is next Sunday. Saw one MouseGuard game, no Torchbearer or Burning Wheel. Anyone planning on any pickup games? I’d love to try to do some more BWHQ gaming if possible :slight_smile:

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