GenCon 2020: Planning

So, any GenCon 2020 plans? I ran a pickup game that was sort of encouraging last year and was pondering trying to do a couple Torchbearer events officially. That said, the last time I ran at a con was deeply unpleasant with some folks that were uniquely aggro about not getting everything right away. I’m left feeling a bit hesitant now about that.

Anyway, anyone going this year? Anyone going to run formally or informally? @gyakusetsu - you going to make it again?

Will BWHQ be doing another panel Q&A?

Figured while it’s a long ways off, it couldn’t hurt to start the dialogue. :slight_smile:

Yep. I’ll be there and happy to do some gaming! Also, I’m local, in case we need some boots-on-the-ground assistance.

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Now that you’re a veteran GM far outstripping my meager ability, maybe YOU should run for us. :slight_smile:

We haven’t submitted any events yet, but we’re planning to!


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