GenCon 2022: Planning

Following the format of earlier posts… Are there any happenings this year related to Burning Wheel, Torchbearer, or Mouse Guard?

Burning Wheel will have a booth (i’ll find the number).
We’re doing our State of the Wheel panel (on friday, iirc).
We’re hosting a BWHQ party on Friday night at the Hyatt and y’all are invited. I’ll get back to you with specifics for time and place for that.

We’ll have the complete TB line, the Anthology, and M&M Books 1-5 (enshallah) for sale at the booth. And I’ll be demoing some new Miseries stuff.



Two more M&M books?! This is very exciting news

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Fun! Looking forward to meeting folks. TBH I’ve only read the material and never had a chance to play. If anyone wants to organize a “pick up game(s)” please message me and we can share contact details. Or maybe meet at the booth at coordinated time and go from there.


Very nice. Looking forward to GenCon, the seminar and Friday night party!

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Booth is 2420B, according to map.

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In addition to not playing BWHQ games, I’ve never been to GenCon! What are the “pins” all about?
Gen Con 2022 — Pin Bazaar

What are the details on the Friday night party? I’ve just signed up for an event 6-8pm (making a chainmail dice bag!) but would enjoy attending.

Definitely not starting before 9.

Here’s our current menu for the booth at Gen Con next week.


Our panel (and party) schedule.

State of the Wheel
Thor & Luke
Friday, 2 PM
Loc: ICC : 233

RPG Curriculum Design
Luke & Sam Roberts
Friday, 4 PM
Loc: ICC : 233

BWHQ Party
Friday, 9 PM
Location to be divulged at the State of the Wheel panel (and at our booth)

Football for Game Designers
Luke & Sam Roberts
Saturday, 2 PM
Loc: ICC : 212

Spread the word! I won’t be on social media or the forums during the event (as I need to be fully present), but you can email me or reach out to Thor if you have to get in touch.


The Gencon website shows a 2pm start for State of the Wheel.

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So it does!

Will you guys be around Thursday?

Also, will you be accepting cash?

Yes to both.


Suggestion: If you’re a BW fan but playing another game (DnD, PF, etc.), name your character in support (eg. BWittany, BWight, BWarry, BWeverly) and then post here. I’ll see you ingame!
BWhomas the BWeat

Feedback: First GenCon for me so first “State of the Wheel” session. I brought along the buddy I had gone to GenCon with, who had no idea what BW et al. was. Mistake. The session was definitely geared to the more experienced community. Having never played any of the games myself, only read the material, I too was at a disadvantage.

Suggestion: There were a good number of us in the session (10+?) which would be enough to run an open-gaming (at least) of one or more of the games in the quiver. The historical game looked super interesting but I came away from GenCon without knowing anything more about it (missed any show floor demos); some game play examples, even pre-recorded videos to show, would have had a postive impact.

I saw on the GenCon discord that there was at least one Mouse Guard session run so I’ll have to do a better job at searching next time.

Hope the con was great for you! Please take my words as constructive, I understand the effort involved in having a presence at a conference like this.

All the best!

Hi Thomas,
I’m sorry you bounced off the SotW panel. It is indeed aimed at those already sworn to the cause. And we also acknowledge that there were little to no BWHQ games on the schedule. There are two reasons for this.

  1. We were so short-staffed at the booth, Thor and I couldn’t afford to be away for a whole afternoon to run games.
  2. I am reluctant to call for volunteers to essentially do unpaid promotional work for us. I love hearing about your self-organized games, but it’s hard for me to justify doing a call for GMs.

I hope you can sympathize. Hopefully, we can get you in a game or demo next year.

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