Generating Cash Dice and Titles

I just read through the resources section of BWG and was a bit confused by the sections describing how to generate cash dice and titles. Specifically, the section places the obs to generate a die at obs 2 for 1D and obs 4 for 2D. What is to stop a player from generating 1D and some time later making another obs 2 test for another 1D? Can cash dice “stack” like that? From what I understand, you can hold on to the dice until you choose to spend them, which could end up being a long time.

The obvious answer is “The GM,” but I sometimes forget who did what when.

There’s nothing to stop you creating 1D of cash if you provide the appropriate colour. (“To advance my resources” is not OK.) What are you doing? What is the cash die? Cash dice usually represent some physical thing (purse of money, bolts of silk, bag of nutmeg, whatever). That’s a bit of property that can be stolen, or otherwise lost as a consequence of failure.

Sure you can hit up your friends to put together some money to stash under your mattress, and you can do it several times… but there is an inherent risk in doing so.

In the past I’ve considered tying this to the resource cycle (of course, that does depend on a little more attention/record-keeping). If a character had already generated 1d of cash on hand and wanted to do another in the same cycle, call it Ob 4 and only give him one more die (for a total of 2 generated on this cycle). Perhaps overly harsh.

Resources tend to be very tight. It’s rare that you have too much. I don’t think you need to alter the system at all. Cash is a necessary part of the economy.