german charsheet

I am working on a translation of the MouseGuard charsheet into german language for the use with my children.
I have used the official layout and now i would like to know, whether i would get the official permission to do so and to publish
the sheet (for free, naturally) on my RPG-(hârnmaster)-website and on the german RPG-forum
In this forum there are several interested people who would use the sheet, perhaps, in future sessions.

The translation of the sheet is not yet completed.


Please post it here so our other german users can take a look at it. Then I’ll happily give permission to post it elsewhere.


when the sheet is completed i will do so.
thank you, luke.

Ah nice!

That could be useful for con games. :slight_smile:

here it is.
i have to say the following in advance: i haven´t run any session in BW or MG, i even don´t know the rules in detail so far.
i have read a part of the rules and i guess my translation is more characterized by plausibility than by literally translation.

any comments welcome.

edit: some typos must be corrected. i know.
edit: typos patched 19:21h

Nice sheet :slight_smile:

Very good work.

Apparently that server no longer exists. Does anybody else have a copy?