Getting a job at court

What kinds of skills do you folks use for Get a Job tests for various kinds of advisors, hangers-on, and freeloaders, as you might see in a court environment (or something similar)?

Can you make a living off Soothing Platitudes, Ugly Truth, priestly Suasion?

Maybe Conspicuous, even? (E.g. trying to rock the ball scene to pick up gifts and status?)

It depends on the idiom of the game and the court. Of those I’d call Suasion a definite option; it’s how you solicit tithes.

I would think that it would depend on the job you’re looking for. Sword to be a duelist, persuasion to be a courtier, even intimidation or conspicuous to the the court executioner. With advisers, I think it would depend on what you’re advising, like above. Strategy for the tactician, stealthy for the court spy. Find a similar life-path to the job that the character hopes to obtain, look at its skills, and test one of them.

I could see Soothing Platitudes used for a position as a Royal Yesman. “A most judicious plan, Your Majesty.” “Surely the the Gods have never blessed the kingdom with as benevolent a ruler as you, Sire.”

Not to mention all of the skills that are already listed with the various noble court lifepaths (especially those that are required for each lifepath). I also think that “Extortion” could not only be used to get a job but also to keep a job (not to mention all the plot hooks it can create)

I love the idea of soothing platitudes.

There should be very few jobs at court. Court is where you spend money. If you don’t have money, you are shuffled out the door…

I might allow some sort of Money Lending or Administration, though. Always money to be made managing other people’s money.