Getting Started

Ok, so I want to play.
What resources do I need?
Iron Empires Book/PDF (obviously) - what else?

A lot of d6s, probably different colors or sizes for the different players.

A printer and paper so you can print world builder sheets, character builder sheets, character sheets (yes, two different things), Duel of Wits sheets, and Firefight sheets.

A whiteboard or battlemat with appropriate erasable markers (dry for whiteboard, wet for battlemat) so you can draw out the Firefights. You could mix appropriate minis and terrain if you have them. I have them but prefer to use the whiteboard and not clear all the papers off the table.

Lots of pencils.

A table with chairs.

coffee and washabi peas

[ul][li]Burning Empires
[/li][li]at least 10d6, preferably 10d6 per player
[/li][li]Snacks and beverages.
[/li][li]Lots of imagination[/ul]
I did NOT print out the stock character sheets; I used a typed out format. My players liked the stock character sheets, tho’.

The cheat-sheets for DoW and Infection are priceless. One each for everyone. Laminate.

Also nice to have:
[ul][li]Colored Pencils[]Colored Pens[]Large Drawing Pad[]extra copies of the lifepaths[]Poker Chips[]Tracing Paper[]Counters[/ul]
The colored pencils and pens are for mapping. Note that maps are made in game, and I prefer to have them on paper.

Extra lifepaths are a blessing for character burning sessions.

Poker chips are a great way to handle Artha during sessions. White fate, Red persona, blue deeds, if you use the $4 walmart specials.

Tracing Paper, Counters: Tracing paper allows quick and easy location of people on maps. Counters work just as well. Minis would work, but if going that way, I’ll point out that there are lots of good SF minis for battle scales, but that you’ll be shipping lead/antimony/tin alloy from the UK generally.

In addition/expansion to the rest of what people said:

2 DoW scripting sheets (lamintated or in a plastic sleeve, we use sleeves and it works fine)
2 Firefight scripting sheets (you can re-use the sleeves if you’re feeling cheap)
1 Infection worksheet (priceless)
1 Infection Log per phase (also priceless, don’t laminate this though since it’s your record and you don’t want anything getting rubbed off)
2-3 Character Burning worksheets
Printouts of the lifepath, skills, traits, and world burner sections of the book (more handy than having to look things up with the book, also you can pass them around when you’re doing character burning and world burning).
Grease pencils and a cloth to wipe with (for marking up your laminated sheets and then un-marking when things happen)

That should do it. You only really need two scripting sheets since it’s almost always one person and buddies against someone else and buddies, with the buddies providing help. We’ve yet to have a three-way dual of wits and we’re almost done with Usurpation.

Poker chips are a great way to handle Artha during sessions. White fate, Red persona, blue deeds, if you use the $4 walmart specials.

Wow, I should really do this. I’m terrible about keeping track of Artha expenditure.

Thanks guys, you’re awesome!
So I don’t need to buy any other source material - just Iron Empires?