Getting Torchbearer 2e

If you missed out on the kickstarter (which I did), is there a way to get involved in the playtest or purchase the digital copy of the 2e rules that exist currently? I gather the print books aren’t going to hit the stores for quite some time yet.

I’m also interested in this!

Yeah, all four books can be purchased in this way:

Dungeoneer’s Handbook

Scholar’s Guide

Lore Master’s Manual

Cartographer’s Compendium


Thanks! I looked but obviously missed that somehow.

I’m pretty sure the playtest pdf’s don’t actually appear anywhere in the store if you’re just browsing, so you likely never would have found them unless someone gave you the links

Any chance these will be offered as a discounted bundle for those who missed the Kickstarter?

Everything will be offered direct through us after we fulfill the Kickstarter. Some stuff will be offered in retail. We will give the best deals possible.


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