Giant, Hill

Hill Giant
Order of Might: 6
Nature: 4 (Smashing, Bellowing, Hurling)
Instinct: Stuff food in my sack!

Kill: 9
Boulders +1S attack, ranged - make attack actions versus against melee weapons
Stomping +1d attack

Flee: 5
Long strides, +1d attack
Earthshaking stomp, +1d maneuver

Trick: 3
Angry (also usable in Convince conflicts), +1d attack
Dense (also usable in Convince conflicts), +1d defend

Special: If the giant used boulders as a weapon this exchange, roll a d6. On a 1-3, it’s flung all the boulders available and can no longer use them as a weapon. Unless, that is, a foe flings them back.

Notes: Really simple. I’m considering giving them a 3 in Nature since Hill Giants seem to be particularly dull and skill-less, but just have size on their side.

Neat! I love the dynamic between Might and Nature. He’s not likely to get a hit, but if he does, he’ll crush you.

I’m really curious about Nature/Might disparities, how they work in play, and how they change the feel of a monster.

I might run Steading of the Hill Giant Chief for my group and there are a lot of hill giants in there, and with these stats they’re able to be taken on alone but they’re terrifying in groups. If PCs want to tangle with them they’ll need to either find ways to separate them or hit the giants with the afraid condition.

Yes! I completely agree with you. But I’m sure your players will attack the biggest group they can find. :slight_smile:

That’s very cool, Brett. When you say ‘turn’, do you mean ‘exchange’?


Ha ha ha! When you say ‘exchange’ do you mean ‘round?’ Torchbearer conflicts consist of rounds. Each round consists of three actions.

Arg. :slight_smile: