Giant Mosquitos


Has anyone statted up giant mosquitos? These are so big that they can, with difficulty, carry off a normal size person. Two of them could carry off a big person in armour.

They are the Grancudos of the LotFP module “Blood in the Chocolate”.

I am statting their proboscis as an arming sword.

I reckon they would have a +1D to lock because they have so many legs.

3D Armour on their body and 2D on the legs.

What am I missing?

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I haven’t done it - but if you do I’m very interested!

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Stride 5, 9 When Flying?

Some Trait that gives it flight – probably magical because carrying people as a flying creature is a feat.

On a Mark hit with the probiscis, the victim is locked 1D, and the mosquito begins sucking down blood – Health and Forte are both taxed 1D at the top of each subsequent exchange. Forte taxed to 0 (including from lock and/or injury) render the victim incapacitated; Health taxed to 0 kills the victim. Dice taxed this way return at a rate of 1D per day (barring death or blood transfusion).

Instinct: Always bring prey back to the nest alive.

Power B5 Agility B3(clumsy exoskeleton) Perception B4(5, many faceted eyes)
Forte B3 Speed B6 (buzz, buzz) Will B3

Reflexes B4 MW:B10

How’s this looking?


Gnosego, you are a champion. You are right Mosquitos are not particularly agile. They are even worse when the are bloated with blood.

Belief: By rights, your blood is mine. I must have it to create the next generation!


Gnosego is indeed a champion haha. Always here for us !
I’m keeping those giant Mosquitos stats :wink: thanks !

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