Giant Tick

This is part of my conversion of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Giant Tick
Might: 2
Will: 2
Health: 4
Nature (Tick): 4
Nature Descriptors: Bloodsucking, Leaping, Burrowing (in Flesh)
Dispositions: Kill 5
Special: Blood Drain. After a successful attack, characters lose one point of disposition every volley until it is removed (requires 2s of a successful maneuver) or they are dead.

I forgot how big the giant tick is in toee, but should it perhaps have the same size special as the giant rat? Or do you not want to double-weigh?

Gary seemed to be very liberal with the term “giant” as a descriptor. Everything was giant!

Giant rats though we’re 1/2 hit die creatures, size small. Compared to their “normal” counterparts (1/4 hit die, tiny I believe) they were really just big old rats.

Giant ticks on the other hand were 3 hit dice with no size listing. My guess is that a normal tick wick probably only have 1 hit point, so the giant tick is really “Giant”, or so I’m interpreting it.


Uagh. Giant tick.

Tx sean!

The Blood Drain is spot on!