Gifted and Faithful When Burning Steel Attribute

Burning up a character that has both the Gifted and Fauthful Die Traits. When I factor his Steel does he get one or two steel points for having these traits
(“Is the character Gifted or Faithful or an equivalent? If so, raise Steel by one.”
Keeping in mind that faithful and gifted were probably not originally intended to go together, (thus the “or” rather than “and /or”) do I factor in just one Steel point, or should it be one per qualifying die trait? (If the later, a Corrupted Faithful Mage would gain 3 Steel points rather than 1)

One point. It’s the general Steel for being somewhat supernatural.

There’s no indication that Gifted and Faithful aren’t intended to go together. “Or” is a non-exclusive conjunction in English.

The Wayfarer has it. You don’t need any other bonuses. You’re Gifted and Faithful.

Awesome, that’s the way I thought it was.
Thanks Guys!