Give me your GoT inspired Pitches

G’day Gang :slight_smile:
I’ve enthused my two regulars to try a short-medium campaign of BW after having a blast with Dungeon World and then playing the Sword and having a ball. They have been sucked in (along with everyone else it seems) with the whole Game of Thrones trope and asked if playing a ‘high level’ game like that was possible. Sure! I said. I’m considering branching into the Burning Kingdoms hack on the wiki a little bit later, but for now I just want to run a pure core ruleset game introducing circles, resources, DoW session by session as needs arise and I want to have a bevy of focused pitches to throw at them this weekend when we sit down to world burn. I’m keen for almost anything, but the lads have suggested that playing characters similar to the troubled nobelese and their entourage in the books / tv series is what they want. They just don’t have any solid ideas, they’re excited, its just all rather vague.

So to avoid disparity, I’m asking for my fellow burners to give me your thoughts on some juicy situations to kick off with. Sordid Lords, tempted knights, conniving high presitesses, self-serving pirate kings, whoremasters, outcast dragon ladies and disgruntled enuch’s - its all fair game. I just need a few FoN for the player’s character choices and relationships and a ‘grabby’ situation. the setting will be generic, but heavily influnced by the GoT archetype, we’ll build that through world burning / play.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I really want to have some good solid pitches for this game to be a success :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

2 Players only is it?

A Maester with a freshly minted chain and his young lord, the young son of Lord “X”, killed in the battle of “X-died-here”.

Second gen Wildlings living south of the wall, knowing trouble is coming.

Smugglers on the coast, out to make some coin from all this unrest.

An orphaned brother and sister, sold into servitude by their captors, and trying to regain their inheritance.

Minions of the Eunuch, helping run his spy network. [I really like this one]

Minions of Littlefinger, scared they’ll get caught skimming a touch off the top of the brothels takings.

Having something they all want but only one can get is another thing. Perhaps a king with no heir died and by legality all of them have a claim.

I’m running a campaign like this at the moment. We have a homebrew world. All the characters are either of noble blood, or somehow linked to a noble house, and all PCs are very ambitious.

We used the house creation rules from the GoT RPG to whip up a whole host of interesting houses. I highly recommend going this route. It really enriched the setting.

Thanks for the ideas folks :slight_smile: