GM Building Scenes

At one point in our game tonight, the GM took a Building scene. In this scene, one of his FONs was trying to discover what came of an NPC that a PC in a previous scene had kidnapped.

The scene consisted of the GM narrating, talking back-and-forth between a couple different PC’s, and setting Obs and Failure conditions for himself.

It felt weird. I mean, in a Color scene the person that sets it has full narration control and no one else has input, as well. But when deciding Obs and failure conditions?

Afterwards I suggested that perhaps the players say before the dice are rolled what failure conditions will be? But we were all pretty sure that’s not in the book.

So is this how GM Building scenes are supposed to work? Mostly he buys people with Circles points and Tech with Resources points, but this is the first time he was rolling and something felt awkward. To be clear, I’m not busting his balls. He’s doing a good job, and this is a hard game to run! I’m just wondering if we’ve missed something in the book or not.


The GM should roll when acting against the players or when there’s a great failure result on the table. Otherwise, he should use the Say Yes rules.

As far as narration goes, I usually describe briefly what’s going on. Sometimes I’ll throw in a line or two of dialogue. Extended conversations with myself are weird.

Ahhh, that makes sense. I felt extra awkward doing that.

I’m going to spend some extra time with the scene, and infection chapters in the books, before the next session.