GM Color Scenes

Thor’s Note: Split from this thread

In our little 2 player, 1 GM group, we would have players step in to play the other boss to the GM’s Interstitial scene-taking boss. We are pretty familiar with his characters and can improvise dialogue and make suggestions from the point of view of “War Mongerer” or “Vicious Toady #2.”

But then again we play a lot of those stupid hippie-style indie narrativist games so we are good at switching characters at the drop of a hat.

Woo indie narativist games! As is though, running GM Interstitial scenes troupe-style a-la Bliss Stage secondary characters sounds like a really cleaver way to not end up with “GM talking to himself” fake Interstitial/Color scenes. This is dependend on your crew being good at playing off of each other and the like, but BE pushes for the good story angle and odds are people aren’t going to be jackasses when it’s all about making the story better (plus it’s in the color scene camp where all you have to deal with is roleplaying and style so unless someone is being obstructionist there is no reason to do anything bad).

In short, awesome!