GM FoN Artha

so a GM FoN and a GM NPC are talking, and we are riveted and engaged and pissed… etc…

When we are awarding GM Artha who gets it?

The FoN?
The NPC?
Split it 50/50?
The players award some to each?
The GM splits the total between them as he sees fit?


Uh, how are they talking? Did you hand one to a player to roleplay for that scene, or were you making funny voices at yourself like Gollum/Smeagol?

I hate those scenes; it’s one of two aspects of BE that would be a dealbreaker if I didn’t have a way to work around it. These days I mostly give a recap of what the GMPCs are talking about.

Anyway, every character earns Artha on their own.


Don’t be hating! Jason says his group enjoyed it. So I want to know how he made that happen.

Artha belongs to characters. If a GM or player plays a character such that he is awarded Artha, the character he was playing receives it. If more than one character is nominated for a particular award, then each one gets it, regardless of who was playing that character.

If you want your bodyguard/lieutenant to get Artha, you have to play those characters and their BITs during the game and be nominated.

The ONLY time when it is acceptable to share Artha is during character creation, when players (not GMs) divide Artha between their primary characters and their bodyguard/assistants. That’s described in the Starting Artha section on page 342.

Argh, but I do hate it. With all my soul, and any random souls I consume as I drift through space entombed in my vast catacomb-riddled starship of bone.


Given the density of living beings in the cosmos, your VCRSOB-class vessel will probably encounter a negligible number of souls suitable for consumption, assuming a random path through interstellar space. Perhaps you should invest in soul-seeking technology?

I think it depends on the situation. If the GM was using it for Mary Sue action when his character are more cool than cool then I would hate it too…

As players though we are intruiged with what is going on behind the scenes… and so far they have been very short. When the GM (Mel) does a scene with two of his own character he doe snot acting it out, but tells us what is going on. sometimes a roll is called for and it is made.

BTW…Paul B do hate doing them, or sitting through them?

I feel self-conscious about donning multiple voices and “RPing” by myself. The game is about the PCs, not me. I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way.


I hear ya, Paul. It’s kinda weird to do it. I’m going to try to pair the conversion down to its core and not waste everyone’s time with needless talking.

I’m thinking along the lines of the old Star Wars trilogy. Some of those brief exchanges between Vader and his flukies were pretty cool, revealing, and introduced some tension:

“There will be no one to stop us this time, Commander.” :evil:

yes, that is it exactly.

i think not as roleplaying two character, but give the PCs a taste of what is about to fall on their heads. I don’t want ot hear a 20 minute conversation. I want to know that the Vaylen have just bought the loyalty of the Captain of the guard whom I have to trust, and keep on trusting.