GM FoN vs.GM FoN actions

So given the nature of Burning Empires, that the GM is bound by the rules as much as the players are, and that tests are necessary to advance characters, does the GM make tests for one of his FoNs trying to take actions against another GM FoN, or does this fall under the “Say Yes” rule since no player character is involved and thus no player’s interest is opposed? I guess that particular part of the question boils down to, does conflict come from player intent/motivation or character intent/motivation?

To clarify with the most direct example, say I have a Vaylen FoN who wants to hull a human, but still GM controlled and Vaylen-side, FoN. Do I make tests against myself to set this up, or just do it in a color scene and Say Yes? I’m always leery about setting up conflicts that don’t actually involve any of the players, which is why I lean towards color scenes and Yes, I just don’t want to do anything that circumvents the restrictions of the rules.

Try to Say Yes as much as possible – to your guys or theirs!. Occassionally, you won’t be able to. The action will come down to a crucial roll between two opposing forces and the players will demand to see the dice. Make the roll and move on.


I turned one of them over to the players for the duration of the test in such a situation. They did make it hurt. They did… oh how they did. And it hurt them, too, when he won.

Yeah, I was thinking about that as an option - basically do what Luke said and Say Yes until I try something that the players want to see on the table, and then give the “defensive” side to them to handle for the scene.

And we played our first session today, starting off on Usurpation with a Assess Factions vs. Assess Factions. Just an awesome game, we’re having a blast.

I would go to the dice if the players were heavily invested in the NPC, or if I thought a failed result could be interesting.