Gm mouse guard screen

I need a GM screen! so far i im getting familiar with all the rules, and everything, i only gm one game so far and it went really bad. since there is no such thing as gm mouse screen,no thread found so far on the subject and im all about diy, i need help to build it, what should figure on the back, quick rules and tables.

Can you talk more about what happened? How did it go bad?

Almost everything you need for a GM screen is on the back of the character sheet… Seriously.

I made, for my own use, an extract of the critters (Name, Nature, weapons), the Rewards (fate, persona, and checks) gains/expenditures, and the skill list (Skill, beginner’s luck base, and the ob-calculation lists).

Well… first i was all the time looking back inside the book and was searching the stuff, so people got tired of waiting all the time, second: table chatter is fine in game but me and my friends have this bad habit of going too far in stupids ideas, and i am not a figure of authority so i could not bring the groupe back to seriousness + one of the player was totally not someone i suggest for futur game. ( not understanding the game or rules is ok, usually after some explanation it fine most of the time, but being a prick all the time and wanting to make your own rules, is not cool, and stopping the game too arguing about those stupide rules that no one agree to allow in the game is totally uncool)

sorry about that bashing… that guy is not allowed in games anymore…

Hi kuroneko,

How much preparation did you do before your first session? Did you use the GM sheets off the Mouse Guard wiki?

no i did not use the sheet, and i realise that i should had, it would had save me some time, but i think that the atmosphere was wrong to begin with.

i was also stress for my first gm session, and i kind of forgot to have fun

Don’t worry about it too much. I’ve been GMing for a while and I still have the odd terrible session. Getting fun, nice people to play with is pretty key. Even if you have to cut your group size down, it’s worth it to make sure fun is had for everyone. Everyone should be entertaining everyone and that includes you. If you don’t have people who are excited, interested, good sports, or even just curious about the game, I wouldn’t let them play with me.

As far as your original question about the screen (Sorry, I got a bit off-track there.) I highly recommend not using one. Use the sheets, sure! They are super useful. I don’t know how to play without them. But a screen isn’t necessary in MG. The game is different from most RPGs in that you don’t want to keep secrets from the players or fudge rolls (secretly re-rolling your dice to help or hurt the players). It makes it much more dramatic when everyone’s eyes are on one big die roll! Do everything out in the open and let them know that you are still figuring out the rules. You can recruit one of the players to do the looking up of stuff in the book while you keep the show rolling.

If you’re really stumped, just assign an obstacle of 1-6 (whatever sounds right) to their tests. You can always look up the rules later.

I must say, I agree with this recommendation. Not putting a screen between the GM and the other players is a symbol of the play-style Luke advocates for in his games. It’s one of the many things I’ve incorporated in running other games (see recent discussion of transparency here).

Kuroneko, what hazards and twists had you prepared for the patrol’s first mission?

I concur. Cheatsheets are cool. But no screen

i was doing the sample mission trouble in grasslake, where the snapping turtle want to lay eggs in town square, for twist i use the girl who fall in love, but it was intended for one of the player, but the guy who was here to spoil the game, was upset that it wasn’t him. i got to go, but i will explain more tommorow.

thanks to all of you for all of the good advise and tips