GM reference

I am working on a handy GM cheat sheet to help me with my next game.

What are some important pieces of info, charts, etc that you think should be included? (Please throw in a page number if you can as I am cutting and pasting from the pdf.)

One thing that’s not in the PDF, but which feels like an absolutely awesome reference, was the graphical representation of skill relationships which was floating around G+ the other day. It showed what skills can help which, skills that can produce materials for others and such. I’ve found it comes up a lot in play.

Also, simplified charts of the procedures at the end of the PDF would be really good, just to use as flowcharts.

Yea, I was thinking about making a similar chart. Can anyone link it?

Here’s the graph:

Posted by G+ user Michael Prescott.

The GM Sheet they already have is also pretty useful.

That would be me. :slight_smile:

I assume --> (solid arrows) mean “is suggested help for” and - -> (dashed arrows) mean “can create tools for”? Also, there seem to be some missing relationships.


This was made way back from a version of the playtest files, I ought to update it!

This is what I used yesterday for my game.

I was playing around with GraphViz and made an updated Torchbearer skills reference web. Fee free to download or what have you.

Solid lines are help, dashed lines are providers of tools, loops denote a skills that can help themselves. Skills with a * by them are not listed in the book (in some cases, like Ritualist it’s because the spells have specific help associated with them, while Mentor can have any skill help as long as that’s the skill they are teaching).

It’s saved as a 72 DPI SVG file, so it should look pretty ok at almost any scale.

It’s a little big but that was the tradeoff over having a hard to read knot at the bottom.