GM scenes without GM FoNs?

In our current BE game, I’m having a hard time feeling like a good GM. Some of it’s because we’re still feeling things out (not just me), and we’ve had a lot of good discussion that makes me hopeful and super excited about our next maneuver. BUT I feel like I can’t challenge their Beliefs as well as I’d like. Sometimes the scene that needs to be had is not one that involves one of my two GM FoNs, but perhaps other important NPCs. Have you had this come up? Do you just insert an extra scene when it’s really needed? Do you “give away” the occasional GM FoN scene to the NPC? Or do you jury-rig the scene to somehow include the GM FoN?

(I think that this is more of an issue with this game than previous games because there’s only two players and me - it’s a little more work to keep everything spinning, and there’s not as much material to work with/riff off of. I don’t mean that it’s not fun, just a little different.)

Absolutely. Just figure out which GM FON owns the scene – even if they’re not in it.

But even better, force the players to spend their scenes dealing with these other NPCs. Find ways to insert them!

Ah, okay, that feels much more organic. GM FoN ownership should be no problem - most NPCs are closely connected somehow. And this still keeps to the tight scene budget. Huge sigh of relief - can’t wait to play with this now. THANKS, LUKE!!

You know you’re winning BE when the players are triggering scenes in which your FON/NPCs are getting shit done for you.