GM Seeking Players

Alright folks. I’ve never GMd BW before, but there’s no time like the present. I’d like to get a weekly game going and am in need of players.


  1. Frequency: Wednesdays @ 5:30PM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7) via Discord call and Roll20. I’m thinking of starting with just a handful of 2-4 hour sessions (with regular breaks) to determine if the group meshes well.

  2. (Pre) Session 0: I’ll start a private group chat with all the interested parties and we’ll brainstorm some ideas for the situation/characters. If we get enough things sorted out via chat, we’ll likely be able to start play the first time we meet.

  3. Game Mechanics: Until I’ve got a good grasp on the Hub & Spokes, I don’t intend on bringing in some of the more advanced systems to start. But my goal is to get experienced enough to run engaging Fights, DoWs, R&Cs, and even the newer Warfare or Factions!

  4. I’m an LGBTQIA+ ally, so inclusivity will be high on my GM agenda. Safety tools and check-ins will be part of the norm.

  5. I have social anxiety at times, but it shouldn’t interfere with the game :crossed_fingers:

  6. Newbies to Burning Wheel are welcome!

DM me if you’re interested!

I already have 3 interested players and have room for 1 more. The 3 situations I’ve pitched so far are

1. Dinner for Peace :meat_on_bone:
You serve the estate of megalomaniac Count Le Mort. An important apology feast with the furious Elven neighbors is tomorrow.

2. Innovation Intervention :bomb:
Someone in the Kingdom has figured out how to make a working cannon. Under no circumstances will the Sodality for Abiding Peace allow this technology to spread.

3. Internal Revenue Squad :moneybag:
War is brewing amongst the dukes and it’s your job to collect taxes in the towns where the armies will likely clash. (Taken from Judd Karlman)

UPDATE: Unfortunately my spots are all filled up! If all goes well and I get better at running BW, my hope is to start running demos for newbies. I’ll keep you all posted!


If I weren’t already full up on games, I would join in a heartbeat! Your pitches sound so fun!


Nice! If I had better spoken English, I would join without hesitation!


Hablas español? Yo necesito practicar mas. Tal vez podamos practicar inglés y español juntos en un sesión de Burning Wheel.


Si! El español es mi lengua nativa, leo y entiendo bien el inglés pero no me animo a hablar. Si querés podemos coordinar para jugar juntos y practicar ambos idiomas!


Bueno. Cuándo tienes disponibilidad? Generalmente yo tengo tiempo los jueves en la tarde; 5:30PM PDT

Te escribo por privado!

ooooaaahh. I was just thinking i needed this. I’ve never played BW before and I live in Norway (that rules me out as a potential candidate i guess… seems im 9 hours ahead of pacific daytime).