GMPC artha?

The amount of artha for GMPCs is determined by how many life-paths there are on the PC side. Is that just counting the primary characters, or is that coulding both primary and 2iC characters?

The lesser amounts of starting Artha for the ‘second in command’ (and related) characters are given on that same page.

I was unclear. I’m not interested in the GMPC 2iCs, but in asking about the PC 2iCs.

If there are three PCs and each has 8 lifepaths, plus 2 of them has 6 lifepath 2iCs, is that 24 LPs or 36 LPs arranged against the Vaylen?

I wouldn’t ask at all – would have assumed just the primary PCs counted – except something in the wording on that page got me thinking it might be the other way.

Only 24 LPs. Because the second in command PCs are bought and included within the PC LPs.

Yeah, just use the PC LPs.