Gnome Illusionist

So, first crack at making a class. And I have to tell you, this was a TON of fun!

Any critiques, criticisms or suggestions would be appreciated!

Race: Gnome
Class: Illusionist

Will 5
Health 3


3 Arcanist
3 Scholar
3 Ritualist
2 Manipulator
2 Haggler
2 Alchemist

Trait: Know-it-all

Weapons: Dagger
Armor: None

Wises: Burrowing Mammal-wise OR Figment-wise

Nature: Gnome (Enterprising, Experimenting, Practical Joking)

Gnomish Nature Questions

Do your financial schemes have the following model (1. Do Something 2. ? 3. PROFIT!), or do you actually have a plan for how to get rich?
If you choose to 1. Do Something 2. ? 3. PROFIT! , add 1 to your Nature
If you actually plan, add 1 to your Haggler skill

Do you constantly tinker with magical spells and formulas to try and make them better, or do you follow the things you’ve been taught and try to execute them perfectly?
If you seem to tinker with spells, add 1 to your Nature and decrease your Ritualist rank by 1
If you seem to follow what you’ve been taught, your Nature and Ritualist ranks remain unchanged

Do you see humor in practical jokes that do no harm other than embarrassing another, or do you treat others with dignity and respect?
If you constantly play practical jokes, raise your Nature by 1
If you treat others with dignity and respect, you may replace or increase your home trait with Serious or Compassionate

Class Titles:
1 - Charlatan
2 - Trickster
3 - Hypnotist
4 - Phantasmist
5 - Apparitionist
6 - Spellbinder
7 - Illusionist
8 - Entrancer
9 - Enthraller
10 - Beguiler

Illusion Spells (This is all speculation as I have no clue how magic is going to work. Advancement may end up totally different and something that I can weak when the full rules come around):
All Gnome Illusionists begin with Basic Image as a spell, their choice of one of the 1st circle spells from the list below, and one roll on the Elves/Magicians table. As the Gnome Illusionist gains access to higher circles of magic, they gain one of the following spells for free.

  1. Displacement OR Befriend
  2. Rainbow Spray OR Muffle
  3. Invisibility OR Disguise Self
  4. Phantasm Wall OR Mirage
  5. Umbra Conjuration OR Umbra Evocation

Attempting to learn a non-illusion spell confers a -2D penalty to the roll. A Gnome Illusionist may memorize and cast 1 additional Illusion spell per day as opposed to the Magician (Hah! Told you specialists don’t suck!)

Gnomes being with a dagger and no armor.

As a former 2e gnome illusionist player, I think this is fantastic. I’ll critique it later, but the spirit is right on.