Gnome Tinkerer

Okay here is my idea for a gnomish character…thought about it while taking out a tree stump, as always input is more than welcome :slight_smile:

Gnome Tinkerer
Class: Tinkerer
Raw Abilities: 5 Will, 3 Health

Skills: Fighter 2, Laborer 3, Scientist 4, Dungeoneer 3 and Persuader 3

Trait: Determined
Gnomish Nature Descriptors: Scurrying, I have something for that and Chatty

Weapons: Any except bow, polearm, 2 handed anything, halbred and lance
Armor: Any

Home Town:
Gnome Warren
Skills: Smith, Haggler and Scavenger
Trait: Inquisitive, Open Minded

Gnome Wise, 1 from listed below and another from the core book
Trinket-wise, Odd thing let me check that out-wise

Gnomish Nature Questions

When threatened do you scurry away or take a stand and do what you can?
If you choose to Scurry away, add 1 to your Nature
If you gird your loins, make a stand and accept your fate, increase your fighter rank by 1

Do you always have that special tool or gizmomatic thingy dealy bobber that comes in handy or
do you seldom have the right tool for the right job?
If you always seem to have that special item add 1 to your nature and decrease your fighter rank by 1
If you seem to be all thumbs and have a hard time find that tool, you may raise your fighter rank by 1, but must then
decrease Scientist by 1

Do you yearn to spend your time chatting and sharing new ideas with your fellow inventors or do the possible findings
outside of the warren drive away from the gentle discussions?
If you yearn for the gentle discourses with friends, raise your Nature by 1
If adventure pulls you forth you may replace or increase your home trait with Alert or Driven

Gnome Tinker - 1st level title is Tink, he gains a trinket, that when used with the Scientist skill casts 1 1st Circle Spell as rolled for on
the Magician and Elf Starting spell.

Okay there ya go, WHat are your thoughts

Gnome Nature Questions

I like it a lot!

This actually helped me a little bit with some ideas and where to go for a Gnome Illusionist

Haha perfectly old school, gnome illusionist. Glad I could help you out