Go to Ground vs Go to Ground

And by “vs” I mean “independent of”, and by “neither one tests” I mean “laaaame”. :wink:

First maneuver of the Usurpation phase! We both chose Go to Ground. Neither of us tested. No downtime occurred. Why does it work like that? Is it to put pressure on the group to avoid situations where both sides would like to go to ground? 'cause I almost feel I would have enjoyed it more in the short term if e.g. I had forfeited my infection action so that something mechanical occurred.

Which brings up a question: I ruled that we both “succeeded” at the maneuver, though no one got to use successes to generate mechanical downtime. In retrospect I think it should have been that we both failed - both sides tried to hunker down and avoid the whirling of history around them, and both were caught up in the action instead, where the action == next maneuver. What do you do when you hit GtG v GtG?

Can you cite a page number for me? GtG/GtG is independent. Where does it say there is no roll?

Hey, look at that. No, I cannot cite a page number, since it doesn’t say that anywhere in the book. :smiley:

I can point you to a pdf on the wiki that has an error, though… the “Infection Maneuvers Sheet” http://www.burningempires.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Downloads says for Go to Ground “Do not test against Independent actions.”

Screw the sheet! Test independent GtGs. All quiet on the Vaylen front: highest scoring side gets three months of downtime per success; lowest scoring team gets one month per successs. It’s like versus, I suppose, but both sides win! Test at Obstacle 1.

The citation is actually a part of the italicized example text on page 422, which may be why it’s hard to spot. “Against another Go to Ground or a conserve, this maneuver is wasted.”

I like the independent Ob 1 version, though.