Going Injured and/or Sick

A few questions on conditions and healing, I jump right to it.

How long would You say it’s reasonable for a character to go injured or sick before the player should take a permanent injury? Should the player be forced to take a permanent injury?

With multiple conditions it might take a while and a load of checks to tend to an injury or sickness(I/S). And with a little bad dicerolling, lesser conditions might block the players from even trying to overcome I/S.
Has it ever happened in your games that a mouse has suffered I/S over many turns? What’s your record for going I/S?

Do you allow a player to seek the attention of a healer to overcome I/S after a failed test to overcome Hungry, Angry or Tired?

Are all conditions overcome during Rest and Recovery in the winter, or am I reading to much into the flavor text?

You remain injured and/or sick until you go through the process of recovery. The GM is not allowed to make an assignation until the player moves forward.
The -1D blanket penalty is very harsh, so the player has the incentive to suck it up and take the hit as soon as possible.


Isn’t it also true that finding someone else to make a Heal check on you (rather than the Sick/Injured Mouse rolling Health) allows you to sidestep the normal condition recovery order?


Pages 128-129 spell out the process: attempt recovery, attempt healer, suck it up. Or go directly to suck it up.

Thank you muchly, that cleared that part up for me. And the no recovery during winter as well. Great, thanks!
But, as Deliverator asks, is it possible to be healed from I/S by a Healer when you Angry, Hungry or Tired?

Yes, because being attended by a Healer isn’t Recovery per se. You still have to take a shot at Recovery, though! If you earn conditions after that, the Healer can still attend to you.