Goldfinch, Son of Sure-Eye (Elf Ranger)

Name: Goldfinch
Stock: Elf
Class: Ranger
Age: 98
Home: Famagost (Elfland)
Raiment: Horned, furry headdress fashioned from the upper part of a bison’s skull

Parents: Sure-Eye (father)
Mentor: Buckthorn the Mentor
Friend: Broomcorn the Healer
Enemy: Martín the Warrior
Level: 1
Alignment: Law

Belief: Everyone deserves a choice in life.
Goal: TBD
Instinct: Always share your knowledge with those who would use it well.

Allies and Additional Enemies: TBD

First Born 1
Restless 1

Will 4
Health 4
Nature: Elf 4 (Singing, Remembering, Hiding)
Nature Answers: Listen to the ancient songs; confront evil; do not yearn for the West
Resources 0
Circles 5

Elven Craft-wise

Arcanist 3
Fighter 3
Lore Master 3
Mentor 2
Orator 2
Scholar 2
Scout 2
Survivalist 3

Torso: Backpack, Rope
Pouch: Spell Supplies
Weapon: Dagger
Skin: Water (Full)
Feet: Shoes
Pack: Large Sack, Tinderbox, Torches, Spellbook, Rations (Preserved)

Traveling Spellbook
Wisdom of the Sages
Celestial Music
Supernal Vision

Goldfinch is an elf who has seen a lot, even at his young age of 98. Though raised among his kind, he left his settlement for life in the open wilds some time ago. Even as a child he was frustrated by the retreating nature of his fellow elves, and is driven to correct situations he feels are unfair. Goldfinch is particularly repulsed by the institution of slavery. (His enemy, Martín, is a former traveling companion who sold some goblin bandits he and Goldfinch had vanquished to slavers, despite the elf’s attempts to thwart him.)

Goldfinch feels an urge to share what wisdom he has with those he feels may need it. As a result, he is talkative, and tends to bequeath his insights about anything that catches his attention to his companions, whether asked for it or not.

Goldfinch has the rough, deeply tanned skin and bleached hair of someone who spends too much time in the sun, and wears a headdress or hat fashioned from the upper part of a bison’s skull, complete with horns. Taken as a whole, his appearance, his mannerisms, and his choice of employment give the impression that the elf might not be completely “right in the head”.