Google Docs Character Sheet for Online Play

1/18/15: Version 4 is Here.

I made a Google Docs character sheet for BWG.
You’ll have to go to File->Make a Copy… to use it. This is intended for online play. I doubt it will print very well.

Features include: Auto-calculated values for applicable attributes, lots of tool-tip-style notes with rules reminders for fiddly little stuff like which stats and attributes only advance on successful tests, skill advancement references, and a bold and exciting color scheme. It’s very similar in format to the Torchbearer sheet I made way back when.

1/18/15 - Added Spells tab and formulas for calculating IMF

Nice :slight_smile:

Very nice. Thanks!

I just updated the sheet with a Spells tab, so I’m bumping this topic to let people know.

That’s the one I’m using in my game. Love the simplicity. Best one so far and noob friendly.