Might: 1
Nature: 3
Nature Descriptors: Annoying, Grabbing, Exploding
Dispositions: Drive Off 6, Kill 5, Flee 2, Capture 1; all else Nature + Nature roll
Weapons: Fast (+1D to Defend and Maneuver), Grabby claws (+1D to Attack and Feint)
Armor: Red, rubbery skin (leather armor)
Skills: None
Instinct: Always grab onto adventurers’ backs and don’t let go
Special: Immune to blunt weapons (mace, war hammer, flail, unarmed). A successful attack by a gorbel causes it to latch onto a victim’s back with its sharp little digits. The victim loses a hit point at the end of round if the gorbel isn’t removed (disarmed). Any successful attack or feint on a gorbel with a slashing/piercing weapon will cause it to explode, inflicting the Injured condition on anyone involved in the attack (including grabbed victims) with a weapon shorter than a ranged attack. The exploded gorbel is then out of the fight and cannot be brought back in with a Defend action.

I always loved these goofy little things. Nice work.

I had nooooo idea what this was, until now!