Gordian Worm, Giant

Gordian Worm, Giant
A parasitic black shiny worm twice the length of a man, but roughly a fingernail in diameter. They love salt-rich environments, such as coastlines, tide pools, and salt mines, but seek out the abdominal cavity of mammals to travel and reproduce. Typically solitary, but may be in groups of 1d6.

Might : 2 Nature : 5
Descriptors : Lurking, Infiltrating, Brooding

Flee : 10
Attack : +1D, Surprising Speed
Maneuver : +1D, Perplexing Movement

Capture : 8
Attack : +2D, Coils upon Coils
Feint : +1s, ‘Which Side is the Head?’

Drive Off : 5
Defend : +1s, Parasitic Determination

Kill : 3
Attack : +1D, Surprising Speed
Maneuver : +1D, Perplexing Movement

Armor : None.

Instinct : Always sneak up on potential hosts.

Special : Infiltration. On a successful attack, the Gordian Worm begins to burrow into the abdominal cavity of its victim. The victim loses one point of disposition each volley until the Worm is pulled out (2 margin of success on a maneuver roll) and the victim suffers -1D to all actions until the Worm is removed, or her/his disposition is reduced to 0 and the Worm completely enters her/his body and the conflict ends.

If the conflict ends in this way, the adventurer becomes a host to the Gordian Worm, which leeches food and feeds on the reproductive system of the host. Until the next town phase, this character must consume 2 rations of food and/or drink to remove the Hungry & Thirsty condition. After one town phase, the character must consume 1 ration of salt (treat as preserved rations for cost and pack) and 1 ration of food or drink to remove the Hungry & Thirsty condition. After two town phases, if the Worm is still within the character, the character becomes sterile and the Worm has lain eggs. The character takes the sick condition until the next town phase. On the third town phase, the character feels compelled to travel to a body of water. Make an Ob 4 health test upon entering the water. On a success, the character survives the re-emergence of the Gordian Worm and its brood. On a failure, the character dies.

Removing a Gordian Worm is an Ob 4 Healer test. This always triggers conflict with the Worm.

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