Got Some Ideas on How to Incorperate Some of Those More Obscure Skills?

Ya know, like brewer and apiarist. Any of the skills not already listed on the character sheets.

I had my players use Mason to construct a bridge.
Brewer to get rid of Hungry/Thirsty
Scientist to test water for the cause of the sickness in the village.
Smith to enforce the Spurcetruck-tree with metal plating

There’s an example of Apiarist in the Fall comics.

As for Brewer: Create a situation in which a town has a bad water supply. The skills to overcome the complex obstacle are Scientist and Brewer.

Thanks helps a ton.

As an actual brewer, I’d say the bad water supply is a great example. Making unpotable water potable by making beer or wine or mead with it is a practice that dates back to the dawn of recorded history.
I can see the goal now: “I will make the citizens of Badwaterton drunk, and subsequently healthy again.”
Wow. I like it.

One of the people in the patrol is a major potter, any idea to include that?

Fine pottery, like porcelain, is ornamental and can be a valuable gift. It can be used to make amphorae for storing or transporting grain, wine, oil or water. It can serve as the reservoir for a lamp, or the shell for a crude grenade. It can be used to make funerary urns, both for ashes or larger ones for bodies/mummified remains. Pottery can be used to make bricks or tiles. And, of course, cookware and dishes.

Making pots to transport Wildfire in

Good advice… but what do you mean by transporting wildfire?

Check it out here:

Quick, somebody has to make a motivator!

first try

Iron Chef: Mouse Guard

Special ingredient: weasel tail

You mean the part where they let all the bees go to attack the soldiers? The “fly my pretties” moment. I guess I could Incorperate something like that.